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Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio

Have you been wanting a kitchen that is more open or one that has more space? Welcome to Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio. We can create more space or an open floor plan.

We will work with you to find the design and materials that fit your style. We can update your flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting, or sink and faucet. These will bring your kitchen to life again as we update the old fixtures and kitchen layout.

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All About Us

You want to make sure to find a remodeling contractor that does work that is high standard and quality. That is what you will find with our contractors here at Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio.

We know that kitchens bring so much value to a house and are a place that we want you to enjoy for many years.

We do only high-quality work and make sure it is done correctly. We are very proud of the work we do and we work hard to maintain our reputation.

We do not take your feedback lightly. We use it after each job to improve and become not only better at doing San Antonio kitchen remodeling but also at becoming better people. We are honest in all our work and are very trustworthy.

We help families to tell their stories through their kitchen. A kitchen has so much sentiment as it is the heart of the home. It is our mission for you to live to create new memories inside your new kitchen renovation.

Our goal is to take your kitchen ideas and make your kitchen one that is functional in the best way and spacious. We want your kitchen upgrade to feel as such and not feel like a small kitchen renovations.

Why Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio?

We have the best San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractors. They have years worth of experience and a vast amount of knowledge. They use this knowledge to help you when working with small kitchens designs.

If you want your space to appear larger than it does now, then stop your search for “remodeling contractors near me”. You have found the best ones to make the best use of your space.

What does our company help with that other kitchen remodeling companies may not?

  • We help you with your kitchen design San Antonio
  • We give you other kitchen remodeling ideas to help the appeal and flow of the kitchen
  • We finish the entire project start to finish
  • We clean up after all the kitchen installation as we know that can make a big mess
  • We give you accurate kitchen renovation cost estimates

We have been helping families for years to create a kitchen that they want to show off to their friends and family. They desire more get-togethers in their home because of their beautiful updated kitchen. You will too.

Call us today to get started working on your kitchen design. The “kitchen contractors near me” that you found will help you consider every aspect you need to when kitchen remodeling. Fill out this form to get started!

What To Expect?

Once you choose us for your “kitchen remodel near me” you found, we will get started! We do not waste time contacting you and getting your first consultation set as a kitchen renovation San Antonio already takes some time.

Our kitchen contractors will give you a call to find a time that fits in your schedule. We will come out to your house to take measurements and figure out what it is you want to be done in the kitchen.

We will write up a bid and send it over to you. This will be a detailed layout of what you are wanting to get done in your kitchen and what the cost will be for each part. Our clients appreciate that your San Antonio kitchen does not come with any surprises to the pocketbook.

We will order in any materials on our own so you do not have to worry about that. We will begin your kitchen remodeling San Antonio TX as soon as we have the materials. We make sure to get all the materials so we do not get half the kitchen finished and then have to wait for weeks to get in the countertops or cabinets.

Some materials take longer to get. We want to be prepared and get your San Antonio kitchen remodeling done quickly once we begin. We try to have you go as little of time without a kitchen as we can. We know how tricky it can be to live without a functioning kitchen space.


Our services work with the average kitchen as well as with custom kitchens San Antonio. We can customize any of our services to fit your needs. The backsplash will add to the appeal of the kitchen as well as the lighting. The material you choose for your countertops and cabinets will help in giving your kitchen the style you want it to have.


Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash of your kitchen will give your kitchen the appeal that will tie your kitchen together or stand out as a feature.

It is a great way to create a feature in your kitchen while you can make the backsplash above the sink or range pop and be a focal point.

Some backsplash is easier to clean while others may need yearly maintenance. This is important to know as you are choosing what backsplash to install.


Kitchen Sinks And Faucets

If your home has hard water you may notice a build-up on your sink and/or faucet.

You can update these and have them completely change the space in your kitchen. There are options for a modern, farmhouse, or rustic sink.

We will install them professionally so that they last for years and look sleek with the rest of the kitchen.

The faucet you choose we will install flawlessly so that it blends nicely with the sink.


Kitchen Lighting

You can warm-up a room by changing out some lighting.

You can make a room look taller by installing some can lights and under cabinet lighting.

The lighting they make now days are eco friendly and can even save you money in the long run.

You will see a slight decrease in your electric bill thanks to the new lighting.


Kitchen Cabinets

You can choose the finish and style of your cabinets. If you do not have it in your budget for new cabinets, no problem.

You can refinish your existing cabinets and have them looking brand new. Your cabinets can help to increase your storage space by a lot in your kitchen.

If you add an island in your kitchen the cabinets on there will also give you more storage space.


Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertops are some of the most affordable countertops. They can look much like the countertops of other materials.

Your countertops can be a feature in your kitchen or they can blend in very nicely. You will be able to find something that works for you because there is such a range of prices for countertops.

We recommend choosing a material for your countertop that is durable and will last for years.


Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is one place in the kitchen that is bound to get dirty. There is a high risk of stains and spills. Some flooring material is more durable and waterproof.

These are both two qualities you want to make sure your kitchen flooring fits. We recommend a laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring throughout the kitchen. These hold up well over time and give you the waterproof aspect.

About San Antonio TX

San Antonio is a very populated city with more than 1.5 million people living here. We are a city rooted in history and have experienced fast growth over the last few years.

The military has many facilities both in and around the area. We have beautiful vegetation here in San Antonio. The summers can be very long and hot but you get a nice break with the mild to cool winters.

Cities near us include:

  • Lean Valley, TX
  • Alamo Heights, TX
  • Lackland AFB, TX
  • Windcrest, TX
  • Terrell Hills, TX
  • Castle Hills, TX
  • Garden Ridge, TX
  • Shavano Park, TX
  • Hollywood Park, TX
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my remodel take?

Every remodel varies in the length that it takes to get it done. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the materials you choose it may take longer or shorter. We do our best at having you be without a kitchen for as little time as possible. We would love to give you a more specific answer to your kitchen job. Give us a call and we can give you a better idea after discussing the needs in your kitchen remodel.

Do I have to gather all the materials?

No. We will either pick up the materials ourselves or we will have them delivered. Some material may need to be ordered in which case may be delivered. We will be sure we are there when the materials arrive so that you do not have to worry about any other materials. We are here to make your life easier and the remodel as simple as possible for you.

Will you help me design my kitchen?

Although it is a faster process if you already have the design and layout of your kitchen we are happy to help if you do not. We have much experience that helps when designing the layout and figuring out what will flow. You will want your space to make sense and make the best use of the space that you have. If you have a small kitchen we will make sure to maximize it.

How much will my kitchen remodel cost?

Just as how long it will take, the cost also varies. The size of your kitchen and material types you choose are factors that make a big difference in the cost. We can make any remodel fit within your budget. Give us a call to go over the cost of your remodel and your budget.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We shopped around for quite some time. We wanted to compare estimates to make sure we are getting a fair deal on our remodel. We love the price, quality, and professionalism that comes with Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio. Wonderful job!

Tanner L.

Our kitchen remodeling contractors that did our work were amazing. They made sure to explain everything in detail. We did not have any doubts going into our remodel as they did a great job keeping us updated and explained everything to us.

Brooklyn M.

They have the best service here. They are not all about money, they are about helping you get the kitchen and materials that you want. They guide you to what will look best and they did this perfect for us. Our kitchen turned out great!

Jeremy J.

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What is it that has held you back from remodeling your kitchen? Is it the cost? Is it not knowing what exactly you want to be done in your kitchen?

Whichever it is, give Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio a call. We can talk you through it. We can get you set up with our kitchen designers San Antonio. They can guide you through what your options may be and what style you like. This will help a ton when picking out your materials. It will be way less overwhelming.

Kitchen Remodeling San Antonio

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